First, thank you for your interest in excellent public service and for everything you do to help make Seattle a thriving, healthy, fun and safe city.

As a lifelong Washingtonian, I’m passionate about improving Seattle and the lives of all its residents – not just for now, but for generations to come. Public policy questions that come before me as mayor will be evaluated not just by expedient budgetary and political considerations, but by these critical values:

1) Leadership that reflects Seattle’s diversity: Decisions that affect all of our lives will have active and respected participation by the wide variety of gender, race, age, economic statuses, and sexual orientation and identity that defines our city.

2) Climate change and environmental stewardship: The climate change crisis is the defining issue of our generation and of generations to come. Enacting more ways to mitigate climate change and better steward our natural and built environments has implications for virtually every public policy decision that Seattle makes. I can personally attest that we can make tough choices AND improve our quality of life. Our institutions must change and I have extensive professional and academic experience doing just that.

3) Good governance: Too often, public policy decisions are based on what seems easiest, on what’s politically safest, on uninformed assumptions, or simply because that’s “how it’s always been done.” I’ve exemplified game-changing leadership — locally, nationally and internationally. I’ll elevate meaningful civic participation, while cultivating a culture of kindness. I value expertise over political games, have a track record of strengthening communities, and I encourage fact-based decision-making as we navigate the challenges of changing times ahead.